What’s the fuss about Mary and the Rosary?

02-11-2018Weekly Reflection

As we continue through our Stewardship of Prayer season, I wanted to follow up my introduction of the Rosary with a little more explanation. I thank parishioner Rebecca Case for taking the time to write the following:

Mary’s Role: Leading Us to Her Son

Mary has a special role in God’s plan of salvation and is an excellent model for all Christians. Of all creatures, Mary has the unique privilege of being called “Mother” by Jesus Christ. What an amazing gift to be given to the humble Virgin of Nazareth!

Some may ask why Catholics pray to Mary. The answer is simple. If a friend can ask, and I can ask them in return, to “Pray for me”, ( and we are both sinners), then why shouldn’t we even more quickly turn to the sinless Mother of God to ask her to, “ Pray for us”? The Gospel reveals to us how Mary prays and intercedes in faith. At Cana, Mary recognizes the needs of her friends and asks Jesus to help the new couple at their Wedding Feast. In return, Jesus honors his mother; even though it means the beginning of His public ministry that leads to His ultimate sacrifice on the Cross.

One of the great Catholic apologist of our age, Scott Hahn explained devotion to Mary with these words: “ So we say, “Well then, why give glory and honor and devotion to Mary?” Because we do whatever Jesus tells us. And we do whatever Jesus does because the fundamental axiom of Christian Morality is the imitation of Christ, and he is best of best when it comes to being a son. Not only a Son of his heavenly Father, but a Son of his earthly mother.”

How Can I Develop a Devotion to the Blessed Mother at St. Rose?

One of the many forms of devotion to Our Lady... the Rosary has been especially recommended by the Church. Countless favors have been bestowed on people through the Rosary. Our Lady of Lourdes and at Fatima both called for an increase in prayer of the Rosary, declaring it one of the conditions needed for World Peace.

At St. Rose, we pray the Rosary as a community 30 minutes before each Mass. All are welcome to join in! Even if you have never prayed this beautiful prayer before, please come to Mass early and experience saying the Rosary with us. The feeling of peace, resting in the Lord’s presence while chatting with His Mother , is something that cannot be described in words. You will have to see for yourself.

Well said Rebecca!!!!