Palm Sunday

03-25-2018Weekly Reflection

Our humanity bleeds through today’s Gospel passages in more ways than one. We see both elation and fall, hope in the midst of the darker sides of our natures. If we allow it, these Gospels hold a mirror to our own fickle hearts. The crowds cry “ Hosanna” and the Apostles profess allegiance unto death. In a manner of days—even hours—-Jesus is betrayed, abandoned, denied, condemned, tortured, and executed. As God, he could have stopped this horrific narrative from unfolding, but he doesn’t. He allows free will to play itself out.


No Dead Ends or Final Endings With God

03-18-2018Weekly Reflection

We all fear losing that which is familiar. We fear dying. When our securities and familiarities are threatened, the anxiety of uncertainty can lead us into fear and despair. We have difficulty believing that new life comes from death. This is the basis of what it means to Hope.


Why Do We Do That?

03-11-2018Weekly Reflection

Who Invented the Stations of the Cross?

The first Stations of the Cross were walked by Jesus himself on the way to Calvary. Known as the “Via Dolorosa” ( The Way of Suffering”) or the “ Via Crucis” ( The Way of the Cross”), it was marked out from the earliest times and was a traditional walk for pilgrims who came to Jerusalem. The early Christians in Jerusalem could walk the same pathway that Jesus walked, pausing for reflection and Prayer.


Can You Recite the Ten Commandments?

03-04-2018Weekly Reflection

Can you recite the Ten Commandments by heart? Several years ago a national US survey found more people could identify the ingredients in a Big Mac and name the children in the Brady Bunch television show than recite the Ten Commandments. Of course, being able to recite them is not nearly as important as living a life in harmony with them. However, if we simply live to not break them then we are only living out half of our discipleship.