Are You a Doubting Thomas?

04-08-2018Weekly Reflection

What does it take to believe that something is real? We live in an age of computer technology, with things like Photoshop and other programs that can enhance photographs, create realistic images, and mimic artistic renderings. When looking at a picture of something, we find ourselves wondering if what we are seeing is real or just the result of technological creativity.

Early believers came to believe because of what they witnessed in these new communities of faith. They saw people authentically living out Jesus' command to love and to show mercy. What do people witness when they see us in action?

p>We’ve completed our Lenten journey of fasting, praying and giving alms (how’d you all do?). We have just started our Easter season. It’s a time of celebration and renewal for Christians. We’ve also completed our Stewardship of Prayer season here at St Rose, and are now moving into our Stewardship of Serving season.

Let’s take this opportunity to combine the freshness and zeal of the Easter season with a renewed focus on how we can put that energy into demonstrable actions that others will see and notice. During the next three months, I’d ask you to consider how you can and do contribute, as a member of the Body of Christ, to His Church, here at St Rose. We all have unique skills, experiences and charisms that make us an integral part of Christ’s plan. Don’t leave them hidden under a bushel basket. Let us become the light of Christ to all those we encounter; at home, at work and in our St Rose parish.

He Is Risen. Alleluia!