You wouldn’t be here if the apostles hadn’t gotten involved in ministry...

04-22-2018Weekly Reflection

The Easter season is an amazing time of change and growth in the Church. The liturgy spends a good deal of time inside the Acts of the Apostles where we see the Apostles transformed from scared and fearful to bold and evangelical. The season culminates at Pentecost where we see Peter step out of the shadows and, with the power of the Holy Spirit, he converts the hearts of 3,000 persons. The rest of the book of Acts focuses on how the Word was spread across the world from one believer to another. It was personal. It was sometimes hard. It was never unfulfilling.

God has a plan for each us of us. It may not be to speak in tongues and convert the 3,000 hearts but it’s still an essential part of His plan. At Pentecost this year (May 19 and 20) we’ll be holding a ministry fair. This is an opportunity to offer your unique skills and charisms to help build the Kingdom of God here at St Rose. Over the next couple of weeks, I’d ask every parishioner reading this bulletin (both of you ;-) ) to prayerfully consider how God is calling you to build His Kingdom. He is calling. We all need to discern what that calling is.

Is he calling you to serve our parish? If you’re not sure, go to the source and ponder His words. If you need help getting started, try these scripture passages: Mt 5:16, Jn 15:12-13, Rom 12:6-8, 1 Pt: 4:10.

He Is Risen. Alleluia!