26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

09-30-2018Weekly Reflection

For whoever is not against us is for us.” (Mk. 9:40)

Jesus is inviting his disciples to be more open toward those who are not within the formal bounds of the Christian community, and not to consider them as foes. He also teaches us to acknowledge and encourage those who may not be of our own kin or kind, of our own community but who collaborate with us in our work for His kingdom.

How can I be more loving: being more open and being more accepting toward others, in school, work places, public places, to family members, and other people who do not share my views, opinions, principles, philosophy, and values? To my fellow pilgrims, even those whom I consider “outsiders,” the Word of Life is inviting me to have an attitude of openness and welcome.

Be in God,

Fr. Bing