Pre-K to Grade 5 Religious Education

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Catholic Church offers quality religious education (RE) programs for grades Pre-S to Grade 5. We provide a systematic faith formation program taught to the children at an age-appropriate level. It is expanded upon each year as they develop their ability to comprehend and practice their faith. Our program is divided into three groups:

  1. PreSchool – PreK (ages 3 - 5th) This program is Christ-Centered and Child-Focused and is anchored with Child/Family Activity Sheets that are simply and easily connected to real life. The emphasis is on building a relationship with God and one another and an understanding God's great love for us.
  2. Kindergarten – 4th Grade This program invites the children to hear God’s invitation to a personal relationship through His Word, helps them to discover and learn the Church’s teaching, and teaches them how to live as Catholic disciples. We emphasize our relationship with one another through church community life. We also help parents form their children in areas of moral development, prayer life and liturgical formation and practice.
  3. Grade 5: "Faith Fusion” is our 5th grade program that brings the Catholic Faith to life in words and images, and provides a complete review of the Catechism of the Catholic Church for students. At the heart of every lesson is a clear and consistent focus on Scripture and Tradition, connected to the students' lives through prayer, reflections, activities, and stories of faith lived in the example of saints and other holy people.

There are two options for PreSchool - 5th grade RE classes, both of which are held at Caurus Academy, 41900 N. 42nd Ave., Anthem.

Wednesdays from 4:30pm to 5:45pm OR Sundays from 9:00am -10:15am

Classes are in session from after Labor Day through the first week of May. RE program registrations begin in April of each year and end in August.

Please visit the RE Registration webpage for more information.