Ministry Fair

Mar 24 Stewardship

Following on with last week’s theme. It’s time for our parishioners to consider how they are helping build the Kingdom of God here at St Rose and at the Mission. Ministry is one of the best examples of receiving back more than you give. You’re prayer and spiritual life will improve, your social life will improve and you may even find that getting off the couch will improve your physical life.

This year we’ll be holding our ministry fair on Mar 23 & 24. This is an opportunity to offer your unique skills and charisms to help build the Kingdom of God here at St Rose.

Come prepared with your Stewardship of Serving commitment card completed or pick one up at the ministry fair.

How is God calling you to serve? He is calling each of us. We need to discern what that calling is.

Mt 5:16, Jn 15:12-13, Rom 12:6-8, 1 Pt: 4:10.