The Soul of Jesus

05-28-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Bing Colasito

In his treatise On the Holy Spirit, St. Basil wrote that the title alone is enough to stir the soul and make one realize that they speak nothing less than the Supreme Being. He is the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth, the steadfast Spirit, and the Spirit that guides. It is the Holy Spirit that one turns to when in need of sanctification His breath empowers one to attain its natural end.


The Glory of a Consecrated Life

05-21-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Bing Colasito

The Gospel reminds me of my consecration to God; on 2nd July (1999) at my ordination to the diaconate. On that Solemn High Mass at the Cathedral of my diocese in the Philippines, I laid face down flat on the floor before the altar as the parish choir sang the Litany of the Saints chant. There, I lay prostrated in humble submission to the Most Holy Trinity, fully aware of my unworthiness. That was the last time I was a layperson before being accepted to the ranks of the clergy in the Order of the Diaconate, later, to the Order of the Presbyterate.


We are Born to Love

05-14-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Bing Colasito

The Gospel this Sunday fills my mind with many thoughts, generally about my life and how this life should reflect the will of the Creator; by imitating our Lord, Jesus Christ. But I also see the many connections in my life: 1.) To Motherhood (Mother’s Day), 2.) The Incarnation of Jesus, 3.) His call to love and unity, 4.) His promise to remain with us through the Holy Spirit, and 5.) His Ascension.

God so loved the world that He gave us His only begotten Son. All life begins in the womb of a woman. When God sent His Son, He sent the Archangel Gabriel to a simple handmaid, announcing that she would conceive the Son of God in her womb. I and all of us began life inside the womb of a woman. For this reason, being a mother is a great honor and blessing. Like God’s love, we were all born because our parents loved one another.


In my Father’s House

05-07-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Bing Colasito

My father’s house is my home. I and my three brothers grew up in that house and did our part to make that house our home. The table of our house nourishes us daily: Mom prepares the food, while I and the two elder siblings take turns setting the table, washing the dishes after a meal, and cleaning the floors of the dining and the kitchen. In my father’s house, we each have responsibilities, cleaning inside; and taking care of the lawn and garden outside.