New Church Suggestions

Thank you for visiting the St. Rose Philippine Duchesne “New Church” webpage. Your comments are important to the development and will help the Parish Development Council in its quest to design and build a church and church campus that will represent our parish community and be a worthy place of worship to our Lord, both now and for generations to come.

We want to hear your ideas about the needs of the church and campus. As a point of reference, we currently plan:

  • A church that will seat approximately 750 people
  • A cruciform design (a church with most pews in the main section of the nave, but also two side sections (transepts) that face the altar from the sides. Cruciform can be described as the shape of a cross, allowing more people sit closer to the sanctuary and therefore the altar
  • A cry room
  • An adoration chapel that can seat 10-20 with church interior and exterior access
  • A choir area that can accommodate a growing number of singers and musicians
  • Multiple confessionals
  • And more…

Please complete and submit this form. You will receive a response within a few days unless you prefer to submit anonymously, without the following contact information.