Volunteer your Time and Talents

06-03-2018Weekly ReflectionFr. Francisco “Bing” Colasito

Last weekend was St Rose’s first Stewardship of Serving commitment weekend. Cookies and donuts were enjoyed by all, and we even had a few volunteers step forward.

I wanted to commend and thank Pat and Sheryl Brutto (and Abigail and Sarah too) for sharing their personal story with us at all Masses. What a great witness of how parish ministry returns fruits to those willing to make it a prioritized part of their life.

If you are a parishioner that isn’t involved in at least one ministry, I challenge you to ask yourself why not.

The Church and St. Rose parish are part of our family and it’s our honor and responsibility to support them. Saying we’re too busy isn’t an answer. There are ministries, like prayer chain as an example, that can be served from the comfort our your home during your regular time of prayer. Our liturgical ministries (greeters, ushers, altar servers, Eucharistic ministers, and sacristans) can be served when you attend Mass. We have ministries, such as Adoration and Liturgical Ministries, that allow parishioners with changing schedules to serve as a substitute, on an as available, basis.

If you’re not sure about the time commitment or any special requirements, call me in the office and I’ll get you the information you need.

God Bless, and once again, thank you to all parishioners who volunteer their time and talents to build the Kingdom of God here at St Rose.

Mark 10: 43 - 45