Manna from Heaven

08-01-2021Fr. Bing Colasito

Many of the Jews of the Exodus were stubborn, grumbling, and complaining people. They grumbled and complained to Moses, and God enacted several miracles to show His providential care for the people of Israel in their journey in the wilderness. One of the five miracles that stand out is the provision of bread (manna) and the quails sent by God when Israel complained about the lack of food. The famous manna word derived from the Hebrew expression: What is it? (manhu) (Ex. 16:15) There were attempts to reduce the symbolism of the manna as a congealed sap of a desert shrub. But Scriptures clearly say that the manna was a supernatural phenomenon. And its appearance is limited to the forty years when Israel was in the wilderness (Ex. 16:35). Thus, there is only one possible explanation: God performs the miracle (Hebrew niphloth) in the deliverance of the people of Israel.


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