Our Faith – Our Future – Our Parish Capital Campaign

Donations to the Building Fund are restricted and will be used only to build the new church. These funds are not assessable by the Diocese, so 100% of your donation goes directly to building the new church.

Why a capital campaign?

Our parish is one of the few growing parishes in the Diocese and we have already outgrown our temporary buildings.  We have to rent space for our Religious Education classes.  Many of our ministry groups have to meet off campus and rent space.  Most importantly, we regularly have to “convert” our sacred church space into a hall or cafeteria.

Building a permanent church will fulfill many of our needs.  It will provide a beautiful permanent sacred worship space for Mass.  It will make it much easier for all to give God’s dwelling place the reverence and respect it deserves.  It will allow us to repurpose the Spirituality Center for religious education, formation and general meeting space.  

It will give us room to properly worship and to grow into as our parish continues to grow.

Our Capital Campaign (by the numbers)

  • New Spanish Mission style Church with:
    • 780 seats (at 21”/seat or 1,000 seats at 17”/seat)
    • 20 seat Adoration Chapel  A crying room
    • Beautiful courtyard gathering space
  • Religious education & formation rooms
    • The current plan is that the wings of the Spirituality Center will be renovated into dedicated rooms. The center space of the Spirituality Center will remain untouched, and will serve as a large multi-purpose hall.
  • Allocation of $3.5M in targeted campaign funds is planned as follows:
    • $1.4 million to pay off the existing mortgage
    • $590,000 for the Diocesan campaign
    • $1.5 million down payment on our new Church and Spirituality Center repurposing
    • Any funds raised above $3.5M will go towards the new church

A Closer Look

What am I being asked to pledge?

Your pledge is a very personal decision. If all our active parishioner families were to pledge $5,000 over 5 years ($2.75/day) we’d raise our $3.5M target.  We understand that some parishioners may not be able to pledge this amount, and others will be able to pledge more.  
Ultimately, we ask that you consider your sacrificial gift in terms of your overall stewardship to our parish, and what this project means to you, your family, and the future of our parish. We have been blessed by the sacrifices of those who came before us.

How do I make a pledge?

Call or email the parish office for assistance (623-465-9740 x104 / agonzales@stroseanthem.com).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I restrict my pledge to the St. Rose renovations only?

We understand that some parishioners would only like to see their pledge commitments put toward the needs of St. Rose, but in an effort to be inclusive of our diocesan community’s needs and to help our entire community they cannot be restricted.

How long will I have to meet my pledge?

Making a pledge as opposed to a one-time gift allows you to make a larger gift to this campaign over a designated period of time. We are asking parishioners to fulfill their pledges over a five-year period.

I already give to the parish. Why should I support the campaign?

The campaign supports very special projects and is separate from the regular Mass collections. The parish is grateful for all donations it receives throughout the year. These gifts are needed every week for regular operating expenses and are not designated for capital improvements or repairs. Ideally, the parish’s ordinary income should be at least equal to its ordinary expenses (utilities, supplies, services, employee salary and benefits, insurance, etc.). Capital projects are considered extraordinary expenses that need additional funding.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes. The amount contributed is deductible to the full extent provided by the law.

Will my gift be recognized?

Unless requested otherwise, all contributors to the campaign will be included in an alphabetical listing of donors in our parish bulletin and website.

What happens if I am unable to complete my pledge?

A pledge to the campaign is a faith promise; it is not legally binding. St. Rose is dependent on the generosity and ability of its parishioners and community friends to complete this project. While we pray that you will not experience any financial challenges, should your situation change, we will work with you to accommodate any unforeseen personal situations.

Why is the Diocese of Phoenix included in our campaign goal?

The genesis of our decision to move forward with a capital campaign to expand our parish was brought on by the Diocese’s Together Let Us Go Forth - Juntos Sigamos Adelante capital campaign. Because our parish was scheduled to participate in the Diocesan campaign in 2019, parish leadership decided to use it as an opportunity to benefit our parish community as well. Therefore, we are combining the Together Let Us Go Forth Juntos Sigamos campaign with our own Our Faith - Our Future - Our Parish campaign… to address our own parish needs.