High School (Grades 9-12)

Our Theme This Year: Real Presence – Behold!

The mission of our Life Teen program at St. Rose is to bring high school teens and their families to an encounter with the living Christ. At St. Rose, our Life Teen program offers a diverse blend of Adoration, catechetical nights, group-building, service projects, mission trips, community building, and prayer nights. We also offer a weekend parish youth retreat, and a Life Teen Summer Camp or Steubenville Conference retreat trip.

What Does Life Teen Look Like for Teens?
Our Life Teen program is designed to form teens in their faith. We seek to meet every teen in the program exactly where they are in their understanding of their faith, in their spiritual walk with the Lord, in their maturity as individuals, and in their leadership and service in our community.

We want every teen to know, appreciate, and live the beauty of their faith by forming a personal relationship with the living Christ. Teens are at a transitional stage of life in which they are preparing to enter adulthood, and we want each of our teens to enter adulthood with the best faith formation possible.

Why Do We Have Life Teen?
Our Life Teen program exists to bring teens to a personal relationship with the Lord and to nurture their faith to prepare them for life post-graduation. We strive to form a community of young Catholics who are excited to live out the truth of our faith. Life Teen seeks to bring joy and life into the Church by bringing out the joy and life in our teens as they grow deeper in the faith.

When teens encounter the living Christ through the beauty of the Catholic faith, they will transform our parish, our community, and even our culture. Teens are very transformational and passionate, and we have seen transformational teens “get it” in our youth ministry programs and transform entire families into finding a deeper love and appreciation for the faith and sacraments.

How Can I Register My Teen?
Registration forms are available online or though the parish office. Contact Chris Bosn, our youth minister, at chrisbosn@stroseanthem.com or the parish office for more information.


How Can I Help Out?

There are many opportunities to help our youth grow in their faith, their love of the Lord, and their appreciation for the Sacraments.  Working with the middle-school youth brings many blessings and graces. There is nothing like seeing the moment when a teen “gets it” and is transformed forever by an encounter with the Living Christ. Please prayerfully consider helping out with our Core Team, our retreats, and our prayer ministry!

Core Team Members
Our Core Team Members engage, mentor, and build relationships with our teens as they grapple with their faith, their identity, their self-worth, and more. Core Team Members facilitate small group discussions and other activities related to the topic of the evening. Each Core Team Member makes a huge impact on the young teens they work with.

Core Team Assistants
Our Core Team Assistants help out by supporting our Core Team Members behind the scenes. Core Team Assistants substitute for Core Team Members when they need breaks, help with setup and cleanup, cover check-in and check-out, or help out in other ways.

Retreat Chaperones
Retreat Chaperones help our youth encounter the Living Christ during retreats. When on retreat, the youth bond, form community, come to a better understanding of the faith, experience the sacraments in a deeper way, and grow in their love of the living Christ.

Retreat Assistants
Retreat Assistants help out behind the scenes during retreats so that the Core Team and the Retreat Chaperones can focus on our teens. Retreat Assistants take care of behind-the-scenes responsibilities such as cooking, setup, takedown, check-in, check-out, liturgy, and more.

Food Preparers
Food Preparers feed and nourish our teens’ appetites so that they can focus on encountering the living Christ. All our retreats and a few Sunday evenings require feeding hungry teens, and our Food Preparers are invaluable for the way they nourish our teens.

Guest Speakers
Our Guest Speaker’s give a short testimony of how their lives were transformed by the Living Christ. Our own stories from our own lives mean so much to our teens because of how real, honest, and relatable our own testimonies are!

What Will the Youth Ministry Look Like This Year?

Our Life Teen program will be held each week on Sunday at  2:30pm, before the 4:00pm Youth Mass. Here is our short but exciting list of what is underway this year in the Life Teen program!

The 4:00pm Sunday Youth Mass
Fr. Samuel will be celebrating the majority of our 4:00pm Youth Masses. We invite all of our teens and young people to get involved and to consider serving as they feel called in our Youth Masses.

Basic Month Format:

  • One (1) Behold session
  • One (1) outing or service project
  • One (1) Fundraiser

* School and Liturgical calendar will affect some months

Basic session Format:

  • 15-minute ice breaker
  • 20- min Life Teen subject
  • 15 min trivia game (daily prizes and a trophy at the end of the year!)
  • 30 min Didache series

Understanding the Scriptures This book by Dr. Scott Hahn presents a Catholic approach to Scripture, highlighting the theme of covenant. Tracing a path through salvation history, the book explains the various books of the Bible and the importance of each event in salvation history. Understanding the Scriptures will provide an understanding of Sacred Scripture so critical to the Catholic Faith.

This textbook is published with ecclesiastical approval from the Archdiocese of Chicago, and it has been granted conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church by the USCCB Subcommittee on the Catechism.

Retreats, Fundraisers, and other events:
This year is packed with some great events and activities for us to grow in our relationship with Christ and with each other. Our program will use signup genius for students to sign up for events, fundraisers, and special activities. Payments for events and retreats can be made with the links, or by cash or check at the parish office.  We have several fundraisers scheduled throughout the year to help keep costs of our retreats low. This year, each student will have the ability to lower their individual cost for each event by helping with the fundraisers. Students can earn $10 off per hour worked at any fundraiser towards any of our extracurricular events and retreats.

 In order to qualify for the discounts, each student must:

  • Be registered with the Edge/Life Teen program
  • Serve at the youth mass at least once per month
  • Attend at least 50% of the activities / classes throughout the year

Mission Trips
For the first time ever, the St. Rose youth ministry is looking at organizing mission trips to serve those in need. Our teens will experience the importance of serving the community while also being drawn into a deeper relationship with the living Christ. Stay tuned for details!

Student Leadership

This program aims to develop our youth to be leaders in our community and to help lead the program. Teens will get to choose what is learned in the Life Teen Sessions, monthly activities, and to some degree the fundraisers. We are looking for teens to step up for leadership opportunities here in our parish and throughout our community. We will be looking for teens to take on leadership roles in the celebration of the sacred liturgy. We also look forward to working with teens excited to help work with bringing in new teens to our youth ministry program, in organizing mission trips, and in community engagement.

The Angels - Leadership Team

  • Meets once per month
  • Must be a registered member of Behold (High Hchool)
  • Go deeper into topics of your choice
  • Help plan our topics for the upcoming month
  • Help plan our outings and events

*If you attend each leadership session by December you will receive your “wings:”

The Archangels

  • Attend 80% of leadership nights
  • Attend 80% of our sessions
  • Attend 80% of our outings
  • Participate in 80% of our fundraisers
  • Serve at each youth Mass
  • Receive college referral letter
  • Serve as junior core members
  • Ability to attend lt leadership conference
  • Ability to serve as a life teen missionary