Children's Ministry: Preschool - 5th Grade

WELCOME!  Thank you for enrolling your child(ren) in faith formation classes at the Catholic community of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne and Mission of the Good Shepherd.  Your child’s formation in the Faith is the most important gift you will ever give your child. Their faith formation should continue throughout their school years and be a consistent priority of family life.

Faith Formation Mission Statement

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne’s Faith Formation Program will promote the Catholic faith of our students using FAITH:  Fellowship • Academics • Inspiration • Theological Teachings • Holy Sacraments

The Faith Formation program is designed to meet the catechetical needs of the children and families of St Rose Philippine Duchesne Parish community.  Therefore, all families must be registered and active members of the parish.  Registration forms are available in the vestibules of both churches, parish office or online from the parish website: under the ABOUT tab.   

What does our program look like?

Preschool – Kindergarten – Children’s Liturgy of the Word

  • We are currently seeking Parent Volunteers to assist in a weekly program that meets the need of our very young.
    • CLOW is in need of a minimum of 4 volunteers and a maximum of 8 volunteers. This will allow for a rotational schedule of facilitators through the year.
    • Parents do not need to be experts in the Faith to assist.  
    • Preparation is not difficult, just a review of the topic for the lesson.    
  • The children will leave the congregation during the Liturgy of the Word and receive a formation lesson.
  • The children will return to the congregation after the Prayers of the Faithful

Children’s Ministry – Grades 1 - 5

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne offers the Word of Life program from the Augustine Institute & Ignatius Press.  Word of Life is a comprehensive, multifaceted curriculum that calls children, parents, teachers, and catechists to conversion and transformation in Christ.  The program uses Four Golden Catechetical Threads to address these needs.

Four Golden Catechetical Threads

  1. Salvation History - Revealing God’s presence and plan throughout history and our place in that
  2. Christian Anthropology - The true human story that answers the questions about our real identity, why we are here, and who we are called to be.
  3. Heroic Virtue & Character Formation - By cooperating with God’s grace and the supernatural virtues, we find our true dignity and purpose and are able to live with heroic virtue and character.
  4. Learning through Discipleship - Catechesis that shows why the faith matters and nurtures a deepening integration of the faith in daily life through Christian discipleship.

Word of Life Curriculum also provides a digital component that will allow the children and their parents to access the material at home.  Parents will receive an invitation to the curriculum via email.

How Can I Register My Child?

Registration for the 2023-24 year is now open.  All classes begin the week of September 24, 2023 and continue through May 15, 2024.  Registration form and the Calendar are available online or at the parish office. 


How Can You Help?

There are many opportunities to help our children grow in their faith.  Our volunteers are the stronghold of our program.  Each class is in need of a Lead teacher/Catechist, classroom aide, and a “third” volunteer for assistance with activities, restroom breaks, and child supervision. Therefore, parents are highly encouraged to volunteer in a classroom even if it is one time per month.

Why not consider these volunteer opportunities?

  • Faith Formation Catechist/Aide - Grades 1-5
  • Sacrament Catechist Aide - Reconciliation, Confirmation, Communion
  • Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) Catechist:
  • St Rose Philippine Duchesne – Sunday during 11:00am Mass
  • Good Shepherd Mission – Sunday during 9:00am Mass   

Safe Environment Training is required by the Diocese of Phoenix to volunteer in any program within the St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Parish

Under the direction of, and with the assistance of, the Coordinator of Religious Education, our Catechists prepare and conduct lessons for the children.  Each room has a class aid and should a Catechist or aid be present for a particular class day, we have substitute teachers. Pre-planned lesson materials are provided. Class Assistants help to implement the lessons, take attendance, and manage paperwork and may also work with children on activities designed to help them understand the content of the lesson.

Teachers and assistants must be 16 years or older. Kid in grade 6+ are also encouraged to volunteer in the They are persons of Faith who love the Lord and have a desire to hand on the Faith to children. Throughout the year, teachers and assistants work with students in approximately 26 1½ hour classes, and participate in catechetical formation training sessions. RE classes are held weekly from September through May and there are also catechetical formation and planning sessions.

Registration Tuition & Fees

Registration fees cover only a fraction of the total cost of the Faith Formation Program.  The remainder of the fees are covered by the parish through monthly contributions to the parish and donations made specifically to the Children’s Ministry program.

Class Tuition
$90.00/Child up to 3 Children and $50.00/Additional Child 

Sacramental Fees (in addition to class tuition)
Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation - $50 per child (2023-24 C/E fee is combined at $50)

Registration fees are due at the time of registration.

Payments may be made online by clicking link: 


Financial Hardship

Financial hardships should never prevent a family from registering their children in our program. Partial financial assistance is considered for parish members who demonstrate need. All information shared will be kept in strict confidence. To discuss financial assistance, please contact the Coordinator of Faith Formation or the Pastor.

If you must withdraw your children from the program before the first day of class, a refund will be issued upon request minus a $30 administrative fee. No refunds will be issued once classes have begun.

Class Schedule

Classes will be held in the learning cottage classrooms and the Parish Office meeting room from September through May. 

Class Times

Grades 1-4 Sundays from 9:00-10:30am
Grades 1-3, 5 Wednesdays from 4:15-5:45pm


Excellent attendance is expected of all students enrolled in faith formation at St. Rose Philippine Duchesne. Students are permitted no more than FOUR absences in the academic year, excused or unexcused. Illness and significant family events such as weddings are acceptable reasons for missing class, though they do count toward the four permitted absences. Sporting practices or events, sleepovers and camping trips are not acceptable reasons for missing class. Students who miss more than the permitted number of classes must meet with the Coordinator of Faith Formation and/or Pastor, along with their parents, to determine the student’s eligibility to advance to the next grade of Faith Formation.

Parents should notify their child’s catechist and the Coordinator of Faith Formation, in advance when their child will be absent from class. If there are extenuating circumstances which prevent a student’s full participation in faith formation, parents should contact the Coordinator of Faith Formation.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

All students should arrive NO LESS than 10 minutes early for class with pick up at the designated end time.  For protection of our catechists and students, the doors will be shut and locked at the beginning of class.  Classes will begin promptly at their designated time.  Early pick-up is discouraged as it provides a disruption to the class lesson.  Should a child need to be dismissed early, the parents should notify their child’s catechist, and the Coordinator of Faith Formation. 


Students are expected to arrive on time to class (no less than 10 minutes early). Tardiness is disruptive to the class and disrespectful of other students and catechists who arrive on time.  Students who arrive after the start of class should check in with the Coordinator of Faith Formation as the doors will be locked for the safety of the children and catechists. Three tardy marks equal one absence (See Attendance).


It is up to parents to stay abreast of program events and activities. The faith formation team communicates with parents primarily through Flocknote email & text. Please be sure to sign up for Flocknote and check your email regularly for important updates.

Contact Renee Hunsaker, Coordinator of Faith Formation at for more information.