Small Christian Communities

Small Christian Communities (SCCs), or basic ecclesial communities as they were called in Vatican II, are fundamental to St Rose’s transition into a parish community of communities. They will help our parish continue to grow into as a vibrant, self-sustaining, community of communities who love and worship our Lord.

Small Church Communities are one way the Church provides an opportunity for ordinary people to help each other connect life and faith. SCCs recognize that every person has an experience of faith that adds to the life and meaning of the Church. They are a means to develop community and fellowship through faith sharing and reading the Gospel. It‘s not a Bible study. It is prayer and reflection, using the Bible, to facilitate the renewal of our commitment to bring the Good News into all that we do. Through group discussion and sharing, SCC members will find their spiritual life and understanding of scripture will be greatly enhanced.

Each SCC consists of 8 to 10 people. Gatherings are rotated through member’s homes at times and frequencies determined by each SCC’s members (typically weekly or biweekly for 60 and 90 minutes).

Interested in joining a SCC? All parishioners are welcomed and encouraged to experience our SCCs! Call the office and we’ll help you find a SCC in your neighborhood that works with your schedule. Here’s a map of our currently commissioned SCCs..

Small Christian Communities FAQs

Q: What are Small Christian Communities?

A: SCCs are a means to develop community through faith sharing and reading the Gospel. It is not a Bible study; but through group discussion and sharing attendees will find their understanding of scripture will be greatly enhanced as well as their overall spiritual life. Each SCC will consist of approximately 8 to 10 people with one person acting as the facilitator. Meetings will be held once per week in participant’s homes and will normally last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Q: I have heard other churches such as CCV do something like small community meetings but does the Catholic Church, especially in the United States, support them?

A: Oh yes! Pope John Paul II said this in his Apostolic Exhortation in 1999: “The Church as Family cannot reach all her possibilities as Church unless she is divided into communities small enough to foster close human relationships.”

Q: How do I join an SCC?

A: The Parish retreat will provide an introduction on how to participate in an SCC and an opportunity for you to join an SCC. The parish has been divided into eight geographical communities. Each interested person will be assigned to an SCC as close to their home as possible.

Q: What if I join a SCC and decide that I really don’t fit in or can’t meet on their schedule. Is it possible to be assigned to another meeting?

A: Yes. It is very important that all members of a SCC are compatible and are able to bond with everyone. While we expect these situations to be few, our parish’s Discipleship Coordinator will be able to assist.

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: Contact Dcn. Tom Henrich in the office at 623-465-9740 x101 or


Small Christian Communities Information

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