06-25-2023Weekly ReflectionDeacon Tom Henrich/Msgr. James Vlaun

Fr. Bing will be gone for the next month, and he has asked me to “pinch hit” in his place in the “Message from Fr. Bing.” He asked me to focus my comments on Stewardship. I must admit to being a bit afraid of this task, as I only learned about it yesterday, but I can say I have already learned a fantastic lesson from this “by chance,” (there is no chance; God has a plan.) As part of my daily routine, I read the daily readings and then go to the website, and listen to a short reflection on the day’s readings. Mondays always has Msgr. James Vlaun and he is excellent! Today was no exception, and it just so happened to be on the topic of Stewardship. I would like to share a transcript of what he said here.


Gifts received, Give as Gift

06-18-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Bing Colasito

We all have gifts; people notice them and tell us: You know, you have a gift! At times we say, how so? Often, we feel a bit uncomfortable and even embarrassed by the compliment. I’ve learned from my former Pastor (Fr. Chuck Kieffer) to say; Thank you and appreciate any form of praise or affirmation from others. But also, I am aware that everything I am and who I am now is a gift from God. Freely you received, freely give (Mt. 10:8b). Even in moments; when I speak or use the possessive tense (my, mine), deep inside, I am fully aware that there is nothing and no one I can claim as mine. My breath, the palpitations of my heart, all the functioning of my internal organs to keep me healthy all the senses of touch, smell, hearing, taste, and my whole being are all gifts from the Almighty Creator.


Solemnity of Corpus Christi: The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ

06-11-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Bing Colasito

In the Gospel, Jesus tells His listeners: I am the Living Bread that comes from heaven, whoever eats this bread will live forever The BREAD He offers is His flesh that gives life to the world. Jesus invites the people to eat His body/flesh a shock to His listeners and would be disciples; in their minds, they wonder where Jesus got the courage to challenge everyone to take his flesh as spiritual food, much more than physical nourishment. Something new and unprecedented is happening. His command is taboo for the Jews and the last straw for many; who left the company of Jesus. If only they stayed longer, they would see through the words of Jesus, who invites them to be one with Him and He in them.


The Most Holy Trinity

06-04-2023Weekly Reflection© LPi Fr. John Muir

In my experience, one of the peculiarities of being a man is the somewhat unlikely ability to look into the mirror, no matter how out of shape he may be, and declare with full confidence: “Looking good, buddy!” Ask a man. He’ll probably confirm it. Therein lies a mystery. You might think I refer to man’s ability to deceive himself or his propensity toward vainglory. But in this case, I refer to the mystery of a healthy and proper sense of self-love.